How to attach a lambrequin to a curtain rod with just one row of eyelets? – a simple trick

Just few days ago I made a nice set of drapes with a lambrequin for my guest bedroom. The problem was I have a curtain rod with only one row of eyelets to hang the drapes – meaning there was no room left to attach the lambrequin.


I had two option: I could either go through the trouble of buying a new rod and probably drilling some extra holes in the wall OR come up with an idea to overcome the issue in a simple way.  I tend to search for ways to make my life easier, so yeah,  you guessed correctly: I got it fixed in 20 minutes with just one thing: a velcro tape.

Scroll down to read through a step-by-step tutorial how to hang your lambrequin using a velcro tape.

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Fashion hacks stolen from short It girls

It’s great to look for fashion and style inspiration on celebs – that’s what they’re there for. But when choosing your fashion guru take into consideration not only their killer style, but also (and maybe even more importantly) whether they resemble your beauty and body type. You know, what works for tall and blond girl won’t necessarily look good on petit, dark haired person.

And once you know your fashion role models watch them carefully, still what’s best and make it work in your favour.

Here are some fashion hacks I learnt from petit celebrities known for their taste and style. You can thank me later.

  1. Choose the right cut and mind the proportions

That full length trench coat you dreamt about feels like you inherited it from older sister? Ditch the idea of getting it and go for a short version or for a trench jacket. This way you will even out your body proportions, give yourself an instant inch or two and won’t feel like you’re drowning in it. Basically cropped tops and jackets paired with high waisted bottoms will work miracles for you.

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Baby girl nursery

A while ago I started to make matching bow ties for boys and their dads. It was just another hobby, something I used to do in my sparetime. But it kind of kicked in and my friends started to order them for their children and their friend’s children so I followed the lead and set up a store at

I was all proud and happy until one of my friend asked: “hey, but what with mums and their little girls?” Hmmm… Exctly! What with them? I have many friends who are having their fmilies started now and I couldn’t simply forget of litttle and big girls.

And this is how I was inspired to creat lovely girly nursery of little Princesses.

This is the amazing thing about having amazing friends: they won’t let you settle for less :) and they will keep you inspired!


I will most definitely make a tutorial for this set, but for now youare more than welcome to visit my store :)




Chanel’s 12th Métiers d’Art Show in Rome

Chanel and their legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld took Paris to Rome on Tuesday 1st of December. At the Roman film studio Cinecittà another Chanel Pre autumn/winter (16/17 this time) took place. In a place were the classics of Italian cinematography, like La Dolce Vita or Roman Holidayswere born the ready-to-wear collection has been presented.

It was hard to expect a greater surprise after last year’s cameral show in Salzburg (right after which Cara Delevingne took off on Karl Lagerfeld’s private jet straight to Victoria’s Secret fashion show in London. WOW! Two shows in one day in two different countries.  According to some, Cara was the reason why VS for the first and so far last time held their show outside of New York), but Lagerfeld continues to amaze people.

This time he turned the heart of Italy into a Parisian street. The runway and the audience have been arranged into Paris with a metro station, stone steps (which led the models to the catwalk) and charming bistros, including a traditional French boulangerie.

The show was not lacking newsboys handing out Chanel branded newspapers to the guests. This role has been given to the regulars at Chanel’s fashion shows, Brad Koenig’s sons. The entire Koenig family also made a traditional appearance at the show and they even got the opportunity to close it.

Among other A-listers, Kristen Steward, Geralidine Chaplin (a daughter of Charlie) and Rooney Mara sat in the front row:

Screen Shot 2015-12-06 at 10.31.11

The show became also a debut for Gigi’s younger sister – Bella Hadid.

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Black Friday – shop smart: 5 hot trends to hunt down this year

Today everyone is talking about just one think: the Black Friday. The biggest holiday of all fashion and shopping lovers starts tomorrow. As a pre-christmas warm up every year all big and small shops will reduce their prices on the last Friday of November to seduce us with special offers and deals.

Shopping Bags on a Railing

Some of this “special deals” are fake discounts.  Some retailers raise their rates to reduce them significantly at the very last moment or they can cut the prices only for the previous season’s collections. But it doesn’t mean that it is all worth nothing and you cannot find a real treat. You only need to get prepared and know your stuff before hitting to the stores.
How then avoid fake sales and not get tricked into buying something you’d normally never get, but it’s 80% off?
Before going shopping, either online or in store, make a list of the treasures you are looking for and stick to it. This way you won’t get tempted by buying something you will never wear and you won’t be able to return.
Once the list is done make some research. Know your stores and websites, check out the original prices to recognise if the discounted price is really reduced from the first one or if someone is toying with you. If you’ll know where to look for particular pieces you’ll save yourself a lot of time once the sales will finally start.
I’ve prepared a list of five hot trends which I’m going to keep my eye on during this year’s sales. Everyone of them has already settled down on Instagram profiles of the top fashion bloggers and trendsetters and it seems like they won’t be gone with the wind anytime soon.

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Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015 in numbers

So it’s all about the breathtaking last night’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show today…

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 14.41.21

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2015

It took place last night at the Lexington Avenue Armory in New York City. Yesterday they were only shooting the video, but it will air on 8th December

For now here are some numbers and pictures. They speak for themselves – no comments required.

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Sewing: the first project

Because you already know what do you need to start sewing now it is time to give your sewing machine a test drive. Before you get to work you should think through what your first project is going to be. Mostly on this decision it depends whether you’re gonna like sewing and continue pursuing it or whether you’ll get discouraged straight away and decide it’s not your thing.

szycie pierwszy projekt

The recipe for success is pretty straightforward. You just need to follow a few simple rules in order to avoid some of the most common mistakes made by newbies. Trust me, I’ve been there and made all of this mistakes myself.

  1. Shape/pattern

The first project shouldn’t be very complex. Before you’ll get some experiance in sewing straight and even seams you should rather avoid patterns containing elliptic and circular lines. For best results and good practice you can choose something rectangular or squared. A pillow case or a canvas bag would be perfect.

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